USI website accessibility

Accessibility means allowing users with special needs to experience a web site in an acceptable way. Several countries, in and outside Europe, have adopted a set of mandatory rules for making web sites accessible to a broader variety of users.
The W3C consortium supervising the WWW has issued a set of guidelines that need to be followed. However, these are not sufficient to guarantee optimal results in terms of understanding a site’s contents.

Università della Svizzera italiana intends to promote a stronger attention to disadvantaged users in Ticino and Switzerland by trying to make its own web communication increasingly accessible.

USI has been conducting advanced research in the field for years, and intends to transfer the results of this research to its web sites. In this way, with the active collaboration of interested users, USI strives to offer its users the best possible service, while also stimulating other institutions in Ticino and Switzerland to undertake a similar effort.
We have started by taking into account visually impaired users in particular, and we aim to proceed with other user categories.

If you have any observations, critiques, or comments about the accessibility of this web site, please contact us: you will help us to offer a better service.

Your comments about the accessibility of this website are welcome. Please email your observations to