Media Management

The Institute is responsible for the Master in 'Media Management' provided by the Faculty of science in communications. The Master gives the students the opportunity to study how media companies are managed, and particularly: the companies' organization and economic structure, media policies, copyright management etc.
The study programme schedules the analysis of the creation, production and distribution processes of media products: online contents, newspapers and magazines, books and films, radio and television programmes etc. The Master's goal is to educate professionals that, thanks to the provided knowledge, will be able to plan, manage and control the production and distribution areas of media companies.


Réseau Cinéma CH

Within the two Masters' programmes organized by Réseau Cinéma CH, the Institute provides the course of 'Economics of Cinema' (120 in class-hours, 15 ECTS) which is held at the Università della Svizzera italiana (first two intensive weeks) and at the University of Zurich (third intensive week). The course aims at analyzing how the movie industry works, its distribution's markets and the professional profiles involved within the movie's life cycle. Particularly the course addresses the political and socio-cultural contexts in which movies are produced, sold and consumed.